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Gymnastic Ball

Rhythmic Gymnastics
Summer Camps 2024

Summer Camps Schedule 2024

Week 1 June 24th - June 28th

Week 2 July 1st - July 3rd (3 day camp)

Week 3 July 8th - July 12th

Week 4 July 15th - July 19th

Week 5 July 22nd - July 26th

Week 6 August 12th - August 16th

Week 7 August 19th - August 23rd

Week 8 August 26th - August 30th

9am -10am  Warm up
10am -11am   Flexibility and Strength
11am -12pm  Classical Ballet 
12pm - 1pm  Lunch and Rest 
1pm - 2pm  Rhythmic Gymnastics skills/acrobatic technique
2pm - 3pm Rhythmic gymnastics apparatus technique (ribbons, balls, ropes, clubs and hoops)
3pm - 4pm Creative time (rhythmic art, rhythmic videos and creative dance, crafts.
4pm Pick up time
Late pick up 4-5pm ($40 per hour) 

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 Beginners and competitive team members are welcome to join our rhythmic gymnastics classes and summer camps.


Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect sport to teach body awareness and control - skills that will assist in the development of athletic potential for any sporting endeavor.

This is a fascinating Olympic sport that has already gained great popularity in the United States.

It is a marvelous blend of traditional gymnastics, dance and ballet with the use of such apparatus as the ribbon, rope, ball, hoop and clubs.

It is a sport that develops grace and beauty for young girls

and challenges them to exceed while improving their skills in ballet, dance and coordination.

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